GI Joe

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  • 2000 Desert Light Strike Vehicle

    This is a brand new never been open 2000 Desert Light Strike Vehicle. Can fit up to 3 action figures inside.

    Included in package:
    Chenowth Fast Attack vehicle w/gunner station
    M-2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun
    M-60 Machine Gun
    2 Firing AT-4 Launchers
    2 AT-4 Missiles
    2Ammo Belts
    .45 Caliber Pistol and holster
    1 exclusive GI Joe soldier
    Goggles and belt
    Desert camp shirt
    Dog tags

  • 2000 GI Joe 155-mm Howitzer Cannon

    This is a brand new 40th Anniversary GI Joe US 155-mm Howitzer Cannon.

    Included in package: 155-mm Howitzer Cannon
    “T” tow hitch
    Blast cap
    Projectile shell

  • 2003 GI Joe Medic Kit

    This is a brand new 2003 40th Anniversary GI Joe Medic Kit. Never been opened.

    Kit includes: Marine Action Figure
    Medic Bag
    Arm Bands
    Hospital Flag
    Plasma Bottle
    Marine Field Manual

  • GI Joe Army Ranger

    Brand new GI Joe Army Ranger figure

  • GI Joe Limited Edition Willys Jeep

    This is a brand new in box GI Joe Limited Edition 1/6 Willys Jeep.
    Equipment Included: Front Wheel steering
    .30-caliber Machine Gun
    Gas Can
    1 Ammo Belt
    Fold down Windshield
    Spare Tire

  • The Ultimate Soldier Cargo/ Troop Carrier w/ .50 cal Machine Gun

    This a brand new never been open 1/6 M998 Cargo/ Troop Carrier w/ .50 cal Machine Gun