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  • Hand painted vintage trunk

    This is a beautiful hand painted trunk! It has been painted a cream like base color and has hand painted flowers on it. The artist signed Hazel Bunce 1961 on the top of the trunk. It is wood with metal accents and is missing tray insert. The bottom of the trunk inside does have a crack in the wood but still a solid piece. Has both leather strap handles inside and hinges on lid work perfectly. A gorgeous piece!!

  • Vintage 1800s Black Camelback Steam trunk

    This is an 1800s Camelback steam trunk. The wood has been painted black and the metal has a floral gold print. The lining has been redone and complete with pull out tray inside.
    Measurements: 30in wide x 17in deep x 21in tall (at highest peak)

  • Vintage Camelback Red Steam Trunk

    This is a vintage camelback Steam trunk that has been painted red. It is wood with metal gold accents and has leather handles on the side. Hinges on lid work great and is complete with removable tray. It is missing liner inside and has some water spots. The wood inside on the bottom looks to be separating but over all in great condition.

    Measurements: 32in wide x 22in tall x 17.5in deep

  • Vintage handmade trunk

    This is a handmade trunk made out of wood and wrapped in some kind of papier-mâché and hand painted. Unfortunately as you can see in the pictures some of it has chipped or fallen off. The details on this trunk though are gorgeous. It would be amazing if someone could restore it back to its original glory. Has metal handles on the side. Hinges for the lid will need to be replaced.

    Measures: 43in wide x 15in tall x18in deep

  • Vintage Small Grey Trunk

    This is a small wooden trunk with metal accents that has been painted gray. It is missing leather straps on the side and material on the outside is lifting off on the back of the trunk. Has seen better days but still a solid trunk.

    Measurements: 30in wide x 12in tall x 17in deep

  • Vintage Wooden Camelback Trunk

    This is a gorgeous wooden camelback trunk with accent metal hardware. It has the initials M.B.B on top. Some of the fabric like material on the outside of the trunk is ripped. As you can see in the pictures towards the bottom of the trunk the fabric is missing and the wood is exposed. It is missing tray insert but has both leather handles on outside of trunk. Hinges work great and the lid will stay open by its self.

    Measurements: 35in wide x 20in deep x 22in tall (at highest point)